#ENGL391 Day 5 w/ @mdanielmartin 

Taken down for #ENGL391 – Topics in Literary Theory: Theorizing Gothic September 15th, 2017 with @mdanielmartin at Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta.


#ANTH421 Week 1 w/ @sarahshulist 

Taken down for #ANTH421 – Language and Power on September 6th with @sarahshulist at Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta.

I’m… not a photographer… but trying to scan these pages looked Awful so here we are. Any suggestions regarding legibility/format/placement/whatever are welcome and encouraged! I’m not able to use a computer with any reliability (hence the handwritten notes) so I’m not able to provide descriptive text at the moment. Thanks for the understanding! 

Fall 2017 Notes Masterpost

Trying out handwriting my notes this semster (due to anxiety-related reasons, not due to ~handwriting being better~ or somesuch bs) which is a new thing for me. I really enjoy watching BuJo flip through videos on YouTube, and subsequently know that good notetaking is a skill that has to be practiced. In that vein I’ll be sharing my class notes on here to track my progress and form (and to automatically provide my notes to any of my classmates who miss a day–we gotta have each other’s backs).

Each class of notes will be posted separately (with the exception of the first few, where I’ll be playing catchup), with the date the notes were taken and the respective professor’s Twitter handle. I’ll try to keep track of them all in this post, once there are a few published.

Good luck to everyone with their studies this semester!

#ANTH421 – Language and Power (Seminar) 

#ANTH498 – Choose Your Own Adventure: Archaeogaming in an Academic Sandbox (Independent Study) 

#ENGL391 – Topics in Literary Theory: Theorizing Gothic (Lecture)

#Archaeogaming101 @animethon

#Archaeogaming101 is to be a panel presentation Friday, August 11th (today!) from 14:30-15:30 in Rm 9-102 as a part of Animethon 24 at Macewan University in Edmonton, Alberta!

For ease of access each slide has been posted here, with it’s associated sources and PowerPoint notes. The notes don’t necessarily represent what is to be said verbatim (I prefer to “sparknote” my talking points, whereas CJ likes to script them out a bit more) but hopefully it gives everyone a good idea of what the panel is to contain. 🙂

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