Masterlist of work produced for the Winter 2017 ENGL 496: Intersections–Theory and Culture: Literature and Dysfluency seminar at Macewan University:

  1. Blog Post: On dysfluency and home
  2. Blog Post: On nightmares
  3. Blog Post: Aside: On nightmares
  4. Blog Post with Audio: On being queer as fuck
  5. Blog Post: #ENGL496 Research Paper Proposal
  6. Audio: Guest Spot on @Felix_Ineptias‘ podcast episode “Whole Ass”
  7. Notes: The Longest “Aside” Ever: Showcasing Failure
  8. Audio: Excerpt from Jordan Scott’s “Blert”
  9. Notes: #ENGL496 Presentation Post
  10. Audio: “Whole Ass” Supercut
  11. Notes: Twitter Shit
  12. Final Research Paper (as yet untitled, forthcoming)